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The AOL Desktop Gold icon enables a user to access the application when one clicks upon it. One can undertake the task by installing the software in your system, once your software is established in the system; an icon related to AOL Desktop Gold will be generated. To open the software and access its utilities, you just have to click on the icon. However there are cases when the icon associated with the application goes missing and you are left in a quandary. 

Here are the issues that can lead to AOL Desktop Gold Icon Missing-

·         Icon deletion. Sometimes you can mistakenly delete the icon in your desktop. You can go to the system files related to the software in the core drive and then generate the icon again.

·         Malware obstructing the launch of the program. There are instances when vicious software can take over the files related to your program and impede all the functions of the software. In this case your icon can be completely removed by the virus.

·         Icon missing just after installation. If you have installed the software using a corrupt file then the damaged pack can lead to an icon going missing. The icon can also be unavailable if you have downloaded the installation from an illicit resource.

·         Antivirus interfering with the launch and inserting the program’s icon into the list of blocked programs. In this case you need to remove the program from the list of block software in your Antivirus interface.

·         System related error. If your system has been caught in some error then your software’s icon can go missing. In this case, your icon can go missing if your files related to the program are a part of a system error. This issue can be tough to resolve.

·         If there are broken shortcuts of the icon then it can also go missing. You must first delete all the flawed shortcuts and then try reestablishing the icon again in your system.

·         Icon deleted because the files related to the program are deleted. If the files related to the software are missing then your icon can also go missing. In this case, you must check if your AOL files are still intact.

·         If worst comes to worst then you can ensure that the icon doesn’t disappear by inserting it in the Dock related to your Windows.

These are some of the problems related to the AOL Desktop Gold Icon Not Found. Many of these problems can lead you in the uncharted territories and you wonder how you can get out of a pinch. First, there can be problems while identifying the problem. If you find yourself in such situation.

call us on our number +1-855-645-3036 and we will be more than happy to assist you. 

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AOL Dektop Gold Helpline No. +1(855)635-3036
AOL Desktop Gold manages all the operations related to your AOL Account and simplifies functions, hence it becomes a huge problem when your screen flashes the AOL Desktop Gold Not Responding error. There are times when this application can face difficulties and performs at an a very poor rate. Here are the reasons why your software can showcase signs of crashing and freezing and sometimes even cause the problem of AOL Desktop Gold Icon Missing-
·         Program Blocked. There can be a firewall, a security program or an antivirus system that can prevent your software from operating. If your security software has inserted the AOL Desktop Gold into the list of blocked programs then you can have trouble even launching the program. Add the program to the list of Exceptions and see if it functions properly.
·         Damaged or corrupt files. If your files have been corrupted because of one reason or the other then you can have a lot of trouble while operating the software. In this case, some of your files can also be erased because of the security protection or any other error that has affected your system. In this case, you must first scan the total files related to your application and check whether some components are missing or not. This problem can occur even when you have learned how to install AOL Desktop Gold.
·         RAM issues. If your RAM has been entrusted with too much work then your application can also face certain issues upon operation. The RAM problem can also occur if your using an excessive amount of software and files simultaneously or you use the RAM for advanced rendition purposes. The performance of the RAM determines how certain utilities function in your system.
·         Software files attacked by a virus or malware. There can be times when your software can be infested with a virus and in such a case, the virus can even enter your system by avoiding detection and using advanced algorithm. To get hold of the situation, you may have to uninstall the software and then establish it once again in the system.
·         Update Failure. An incomplete update can also cause your software to fluctuate. You must use the latest version of the software to get the best performance out of the AOL Desktop Gold.
These are some of the issues that can lead your AOL Desktop Gold to become unresponsive. These issues can be caused even when you have learned how todownload AOL Desktop Gold. However, there can be other problems that can affect the way you use your software. Some of these problems can get out of hand. You can find solutions for these problems if you just call on our number. We are known to provide speedy solutions and can also help you if you want to howto reset AOL Gold Password. Feel free to call us anytime on (855)635-3036 Tollfree* and get in touch with our experience and season team of IT experts, who are willing to be patient.

Fix problems sending emails on AOL

There are times when you spend hours preparing documents and editing reports so as to meet a deadline at work. And then after all your hard work, at the end of the day, just as you are about to send the documents your trusted AOL email service refuses to cooperate. Before you let your frustration get the better of you, this article will give you a brief overview of some simple solutions you can use to rectify the problem. Even if all else fails, you can always call the AOL Tech Support Phone Number and ask for technical assistance like AOL Desktop Gold not responding so that you can finish sending your emails.

Solutions to fix problems sending emails on AOL

There could be different technical errors that prevent you from sending emails using your AOL Mail account. You can have a look at the solutions mentioned below and use any of the troubleshooting steps to try and resolve the error so that you can send your emails:

Solution 1: Restart your computer: When you restart your computer, you automatically clear the internal memory (RAM) which helps to speed up the system. After you restart your computer, you should log in to your AOL Mail account and check if you can send the email.

Solution 2: Open AOL on a different browser: If you find that certain browser issues may make it difficult for you to access AOL to send emails you should try using a different internet browser to log in to your account. You should also make sure you update your browser before you access AOL.

Solution 3: Check your AOL display name: In case the display name includes a combination of “AOL,” it is likely that hackers may have changed your name, thus preventing you from sending emails. You should open the mail settings for your AOL account and check the display name.

Solution 4: Disable the pop-up blocking software: Although the pop-up-blocking software installed on your computer is meant to give you a smooth browsing experience, the software tends to cause errors while sending emails from your AOL account. You should consider disabling the software, only temporarily, so that AOL Mail can load without any problems.

If you find that the solutions mentioned above are insufficient and that you still cannot send emails from your account, you can call the AOL Customer Service and ask for additional technical assistance. The support number is available 24 hours a day so that you will always be able to reach out to a professional email expert whenever you need to. AOL email experts will be able to give you a step-by-step guide so that you can implement the appropriate troubleshooting steps to resolve the error as soon as possible.

And, If you have any problems regarding Download AOL Desktop Gold than contact on our toll-free number +1-855-635-3036

+1-855-635-3036 | Create an AOL mail account

How to create an AOL mail account?
Now you aware of features of AOL mail that are mesmerizing and useful to make enhance your email experience. So if you want to create an AOL mail account you need to follow some certain steps that are given below:

  • First, you need to go to mail .aol. com from your internet browser
  • You will find a page for a sign and sign up
  • You need to click on the option “create account.”
  • Once you click on that, you will get a new window asking some details of you
  • You need to enter your name, birth date, and gender
  • Then you have to create a username that should be unique, and that will become your email address
  • You have to choose a password that should also be unique and strong
  • Now click on continue to complete the process
  • If everything is correct, then you will get a congratulatory message stating that you have created an AOL account successfully
  • Now you can go to sign page and try to sign in with your new email address and password
  • In case you get an issue or unable to create an account despite using the correct steps, again and again, then you should promptly call at AOL Support and get the prominent support. You will get an easy solution with easy steps to create an account on AOL mail.

How to sign in to AOL mail account?
Once you have created an AOL mail account, you can easily sign to your account and enjoy a faster network of email. Now to do so, you can follow these steps:

  • Open your internet browser
  • Go to the mail .aol. com
  • Now you will be asked to enter a username
  • Enter your correct username carefully and then click on “next.”
  • Now you will have to enter your password
  • Make sure that caps lock and num lock key on your keyboard is turned off
  • Then enter your password carefully and click to “sign in.”
  • Now you can access your AOL mail account easily

However, you will find that the process is easy, but in some cases, you may not be allowed to sign in due to some reasons. In case you find these certain cases you should call at AOL Customer Service for the easy and prominent support like download and install aol desktop gold.

AOL Customer Service Number +1-855-635-3036

AOL Desktop Gold Error Code 104

AOL Desktop is an outstanding service software. But while using AOL Desktop software users notice some errors. Errors with this software are usually inescapable, so it is very important to know the best suitable solution of the errors. Errors in AOL Desktop software occurs in the computer due to multiple reasons. But the solution of these errors is easy if you know the suitable steps. Fix AOL Desktop Error 104 is also a problem which occurs while the installation and the update of AOL Desktop Gold software. This error occurs and display on the screen continuously and prevents the user to install AOL Desktop and make the situation very irritating. To get out of that frustrating situation, read this blog and know the reasons as well as the solution to this problem. You have one more option rather than this blog to fix this problem, reach out to the customer support number and with techies help solve this error instantly.

Reasons for AOL Desktop Gold Error Code 104

There can be multiple numbers of problems due to which this error code arise. Some of the causes behind this error are listed below:

  • Download of corrupt AOL Desktop Files in the computer.
  • When you have the corrupt windows registry system installed on the computer.
  • When you’re PC has the presence of viruses and malware.
  • One of the main reason behind this problem is the incomplete download file of AOL Desktop software.

These are the reasons behind the AOL Desktop Error Code 104, you should be aware of these causes before you try to resolve this error code.

A solution of AOL Desktop Error Code 104

Troubleshooting steps to fix this error are simple and easy. Just carefully perform these techniques and solve the problem:

Restart your computer and use an Antivirus to fully scan the PC to remove the presence of any virus or malware on the computer. Make sure to use an updated Antivirus software.
Installation error occurs due to the incomplete or improper downloaded files, so make sure that you have downloaded the AOL Desktop Files completely. After that proceed with the installation process.
If the problem occurs while the update of AOL Desktop, then you should perform the reinstall process for AOL Desktop software. For that uninstall AOL Desktop from Programs list in control panel. Then AOL Desktop Gold install from the AOL Account.

This Is how you aol desktop gold error 104 will be solved and you can use your aol desktop gold very easily and tension free.

If Your Aol Desktop Gold icon is missing than Click On given link AOL Desktop Gold Icon is missing, How to fix this.

Fix AOL Desktop Gold Icon Missing | +1-855-635-3036

Every user who is using the AOL Desktop gold software knows about its uses and features. When the software was updated from AOL Desktop to AOL Desktop Gold, it came with more better and advanced inbuilt features. It gave the opportunity to its users to be a friendly interface providing with all the things-web browsing, listening to music, playing games, watching videos at a single place. By keeping the look intact and same as before, it is overloaded with much better security features. Since the AOL Desktop gold has been inbuilt with such advanced technology, so it becomes really necessary to look at the darker side. One of the hiccups that this software face is not responding many times.

With so many inbuilt features, there can be possibilities that it may stop working, thus causing trouble in your day to day work. If such an incident has been reported by you or by your colleagues, then you should definitely read this blog. This blog will help you to understand the solution. You can always get in touch with Fix Aol Desktop Gold not responding Service team. You can also update the software once if needed.

You just don’t need to panic. This problem may seem to very appalling, but if you will try working on it with the correct steps and procedures, then it can be solved in no time. The most simple and easy method is to first check that you have a stable network connection. Next, you can try these proposed steps and get the trouble fixed easily.

The recommended solution

Step 1: Select the option of ‘network and sharing center’ by moving to Control Panel
moving to control panel

Step 2: Now choose the option of the ‘troubleshoot problem’, which lies under ‘change the network setting’.

Step 3: Check the internet connection and if it is not working, then try with troubleshooting steps.

Step 4: Now select ‘network adapter’ to troubleshoot.

Step 5: Restart your device once again, and try to open the AOL desktop gold software.

Just make sure that you follow these steps in the same sequence as they are mentioned above. Do not try to haphazard the steps, otherwise, you may not get the desired result. If any of the above steps do not work, then try uninstalling and then install AOL desktop gold software once again. Even after this, you find that the problem has not been fixed, then you should dial the AOL desktop gold stop working customer care team number and discuss the issue in detail with them. They will provide you with all the necessary solutions that you can try working upon.

If you want to do solve in better explained manner by our AOL desktop gold executive than click on this AOL Desktop Gold Is Not Responding Error in better way.

AOL Help Line Number +1-855-635-3036

+1-855-635-3036 | Fix AOL Desktop Gold Icon Missing

The internet how grown to be an indispensable part of our lives. Whether we use it for sending emails, streaming videos, catching up on the news or just connecting through social media, each person uses the internet differently. AOL Desktop Gold is designed in such a way that whatever you need can find it in this all-in-one browser. The new desktop is a perfect combination of the classic AOL look combined with a range new features. The latest technology used by AOL Desktop Gold ensures that users enjoy better security, faster browsing speed, and personalized email styles. But despite all the amazing features advancements AOL Desktop Gold does experience errors. Users can resolve almost any error by contacting AOL Desktop support and speak to a certified expert.
But there are some common errors that users can solve on their own and save time. Of the most common errors is when the AOL Desktop Gold icon is missing from the computer. Users may have sometimes noticed that when they start their system and want to login to their AOL browser, the AOL icon itself is nowhere to be seen.
If you also have also faced a problem like this then don’t worry because this blog will guide you on how to Fix AOL Desktop Gold icon missing issue.

Steps to Fix AOL Desktop Gold Icon Missing

Solution 1: Install AOL Desktop Gold

It is possible that AOL Desktop Gold may have been deleted by accident from your computer. If that is the case then the Desktop Gold icon will also be deleted and will be missing from your system. You can follow the steps mentioned below to download and reinstall AOL Desktop Gold on your computer:
  • Open the internet browser on your computer or and go to the official AOL website.
  • Look for the AOL desktop gold and click on the button to download.
  • Once the AOL download is complete save the file on your PC
  • Run the file and on follow the necessary steps to complete the installation of AOL desktop gold.
  • When AOL is installed you can just right-click on it and create a shortcut so that the missing AOL icon appears on your home screen.

Solution 2: Create a Shortcut

If AOL Desktop Gold is already installed then just follow these simple steps to create a shortcut and retrieve the mission icon:
Step 1: Go to the system tray at the bottom right of your screen
Step 2: Right-click the AOL icon
Step 3: Click on the option to create an AOL desktop gold icon on the desktop
Remember that just because the icon is missing does not mean the AOL Desktop Gold software is not available on your computer. If you follow the steps given in this article then you should be able to create a new icon without any difficulty. If still feel that the issue is not resolved you can get in touch with AOL Desktop support to clarify the problem.
AOL Customer Care number +1-855-635-3036

Install AOL Desktop Gold on Windows PC and Mac

It has been a topic of discussion among people using AOL Desktop Gold regarding the process involved in installing the software in Mac and Windows PC. And since these two Operating Systems are very different the steps to 3. varies in both. So do not mistake installation steps for windows with the Mac because it will only confuse you and create unnecessary problems. You are also required to meet the basic requirements of the software in both these computers before installing it or else it could create software conflict problems and other additional complications. If you are just hearing it now about the system requirements and you have no idea what they are, here is a list of the basic desktop gold software requirements, ‘512 MB of free space’, ‘1GB of RAM’, ‘computer processor with at least 266 MHz’, ‘screen resolution of 1024×768’. If you have already checked the requirements and if you have all that has been asked, you may proceed with the installation steps.

Steps to install AOL Desktop Gold on Windows PC :-

The steps that are essential to install AOL Desktop gold for Windows are stated below:

  • You must first log in to your AOL account and search for the desktop gold download link.
  • After you have tracked it down, click on it and wait for it to finish downloading.
  • Locate the downloaded file on your computer and run it as admin on your system.
  • It is important to accept any agreement and terms to proceed. After accepting, click ‘continue’.
  • Finally, click the ‘install’ button and wait for the software to get completely installed.
  • After the install has been completed, you need to restart your computer before launching the desktop software.

Steps to install AOL Desktop Gold on a Mac computer :-

The steps that you are required to perform to install AOL Desktop Gold have been listed below:

  • Go to the official AOL Desktop Gold website and download the link from there.
  • To do that, log in to your account and go to ‘products and services’ and under this, you will find a link that reads ‘AOL desktop for Mac’, choose that and click on the ‘download now’ option.
  • Now, open the downloaded file and click ‘continue’. Look through the terms of license agreement. And after you choose ‘agree’ proceed with the installation.
  • Click the ‘install’ button and enter the necessary information or credentials.
  • These are the steps that are needed to install desktop gold on your Windows and Mac computers. You can visit the official online AOL customer service site if you encounter any technical errors or difficulty.

Download & Install AOL Desktop Gold at  +1-855-635-3036

AOL Desktop Gold Update Error | +1-855-635-3036

With the ongoing advancements in technology, the software’s are also being inflicted with the latest technological features. If one has to talk about the software that is user-friendly, allows you to perform and access miscellaneous things at the same time, then AOL desktop Gold is one of them. Many tech companies are now launching different software top increase the competition in the market. The AOL desktop gold has been seen as a friendly interface and becomes really easy to use after it has been updated. 
From the time, new updates have come in this software, people are now on the run of installing the software in their devices. It also now comes with the advanced feature of automatic updates. But every software comes with a negative side. It is also not free from technical snags. Sometimes the updates in the software do not work, and you have to face the issues of updating it manually every time when the notifications pop up. 
If you are also going through the same trouble and is not able to update AOL desktop gold, then you can try to uninstall it once and then reinstall it back again. You can always get directly in touch with the AOL desktop gold not responding to know about the instant solution or can read this blog. This blog has tried to provide you with a solution in the best possible way, making it really easy for you to understand.

Solution to resolve the update error:

Step 1: Move to the search base of your computer by clicking on the Start Menu. Type update and choose the Update windows option, from the various Update options, that will be given to you.
Step 2: Now go to the ‘change settings’ and then select the heading ‘important updates’. Then select the options of boxes of ‘Install update automatically’ and put a tick in front of them
Step 3: Select the features that ask for important and recommended updates by putting a checkmark in front of it.
Step 4: Once the process is complete, save the changes.
After you have completed the process, the first and foremost thing that you should check is whether AOL desktop Gold update error has been resolved or not. If it hasn’t been, due to any possible reason, then you should not wait or hesitate and get in touch with the technical executives at AOL Gold Download to get instant fixes about your issue. The professionals will provide you with multiple solutions and will help you deal with the problem until and unless it is not resolved until the end.
Still, Have A problem So. don’t Worry Call AOL Desktop Gold download Team On |  +1-855-635-3036

Uninstall AOL Desktop Gold | +1-855-635-3036

AOL desktop gold doesn’t need any introduction as it is very well known for its enticing features that it provides to its users. From web browsing to playing games, from accessing emails to using it as a multimedia player, you can perform multi-faceted functions through this single software. As the name suggests, it is actually a ‘gold’ in the category of software (here gold is used in metaphorical context). The software can be compatible with both operating system that is Windows and Mac. But due to some technical errors, it becomes necessary to uninstall AOL Desktop Gold from the system. There can be different reasons behind this issue. Sometimes error codes are displayed or the installation process of the software has not been done properly. The damaged files or attack of external malware threats can also be a reason behind it. Sometimes, the software has been installed in the system without ensuring the proper system requirements, and it causes trouble in its smooth functioning. There can be different reasons behind the particular reason. All of them indirectly point out towards the software not working properly, thus causing troubles for the users. Sometimes, AOL desktop gold missing icon from the desktop. Even though some errors can be rectified by using the troubleshooting steps, but some demand the un-installation of the software. One can uninstall the software and reinstall it back again, with the latest version.

The steps to uninstall AOL Desktop Gold software is very simple and it won’t take much of your time. You can do it easily by looking at the solution given below and can reinstall it back again, whenever you feel by just keeping in mind the system requirements.

Method for uninstallation:

Step 1. Navigate to the start menu of your computing device and then search for the control panel.

Step 2. After you have finished with your search, you are required to move to the software and program section.

Step 3. Then under the software and program section, you will be required to look for the AOL desktop gold icon. Once you have found it, select the option of Uninstall through right click.

Step 4. Remove the software by uninstalling it from the device. The Uninstall AOL Gold procedure will not take much time. Just following the above-mentioned steps and you will be able to uninstall it easily. You can very well do it on your own without the external help from technical executives.

AOL Customer Support Number +1-855-635-3036

AOL Email not working on iPhone | +1-855-635-3036

AOL Email is an email service which is provided to the users by AOL Inc. Users can access this email through all kinds of electronic devices such as computers, laptops, mobile phone, tablets, etc. AOL email provides the users with several amazing features. These features are highly efficient and aid the users in their daily functioning. The features that this email service offers to the users is what makes them stand apart in the competition of email service providers. Even after being one of the most sought after email services around the world, the users of AOL email do come across specific malfunctioning. One such common dysfunction that the users face on AOL email is when the email service does not work on their iPhone and also with AOL Desktop gold not responding. The users can understand this issue by going through this blog, or they can even promptly connect with AOL Contact Number +1-855-635-3036 to understand this issue is more detail.

Solution for AOL Email not working on iPhone

The user when they come across the issue of AOL email not working on their iPhone they can solve this issue by taking up some simple steps to address this issue. The steps that you would have to undertake are as follows:

  • On your iPhone access the option of settings.
  • Now when you have accessed the settings, navigate to the ‘Accounts and Password’ option where you would be able to find a list of accounts that you have logged in with.
  • In the list that you have received, choose the option of ‘AOL Account.’
  • When you have accessed the AOL account section, you would then have to choose the option ‘Delete the account.’ This option can be found at the bottom of the AOL account screen.
  • Once you have successfully removed the AOL account, wait for a few minutes.
  • Once you are done with all the options that are given above, you would now have to choose to add an account.
  • Further, you would have to sign-in using your AOL account credentials.
  • After entering the account credentials, if you find that you are still unable to access the AOL account then disable the firewall settings and check for other application which is causing any restriction.
  • If you find any such application which might be causing restriction, choose to disable it temporarily.
  • Also, make sure you run a complete antivirus scan on your iPhone to ensure that your device is not affected by any virus or malware.

If you find that even after accurately following the information given to you above you are encountering the issue, then the best option that you would have is to connect with the AOL Help line number +1-855-635-3036. The professional at this service would provide you with all the required information. They would make sure that you would not have to re-encounter this issue. The most convenient part of this customer service is that it is avail on a 24×7 basis and availing this service does not inculcate any expense on the user.

AOL Email Toll free Number +1-855-635-3036

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Fix AOL Gold Login Problems | +1-855-635-3036

Do you often come across the messages which include the terms such as ‘Blerk,’ ‘GAH’ or ‘ZOIDS’ when you are trying to login to AOL Desktop Gold? Does your screen appear to be completely blank and non-responsive when you hit enter, after entering your username and password? Does your AOL sign-in screen go missing? If yes, then these are all the indications towards AOL Desktop Gold not responding. You can first look at some of the necessary troubleshooting procedures discussed below. These can be performed even by a person who is not a technical geek but possess a basic knowledge of computers.

To make it convenient for you, here is a synchronized list of different AOL sign-in issues

  • Blerk Error 1- Corresponding to Authentication Problem
  • Error 3- Due to Mailbox Creation Issue
  • Blerk Error 4- Issues loading Mail
  • GAH Error 7- When the mailbox fails to load
  • ZOIDS! Mistake 9- Unsupportive Account Type

Begin with basic troubleshooting

  • Clear the browser’s and system’s cookies, cache, history, and footprints.
  • Enable the Java Applets to fix the ‘GAH’ glitch, whereas to resolve the ‘Blerk’ errors, change the browser and the firewall settings.
  • To fix the issue of AOL sign-in screen missing, reset the web settings.
  • Allow friendly URLS, adjust web settings, and enable the Java Scripting for resolving the blank screen issue.

Once you are through with the elementary steps, move forward to the advanced options for resolving the issue

Step 1- Start with modifying the browser security settings:

  • If you use Internet Explorer as your default browser, then implement the following changes
  • Ensure always to use the advanced Internet Explorer version.
  • Open the browser>click on Tools>Select Internet Options>Open Security Tab
  • Choose Internet Zone>Click on Enable Protection Mode>Add AOL to the trusted sites

For those who browse with Mozilla Firefox

  • Run AOL software in the safe mode
  • Open Mozilla Firefox>click on Menu>Help>Restart with Add-ons Disabled

Step 2- Altering the Firewall settings:

Sometimes the firewall software can also filter out or block certain software. To modify the settings, follow the instructions shared below.
  • Click on Windows start>navigate to Control Panel.
  • Search for Windows Firewall and then click on ‘Allowed Programs.’
  • Check whether HTTP://* is allowed.
  • The box in front of ‘web filtering’ should be unchecked.
  • Once you have saved the changes, restart the system.

Step 3- Change the Browser’s Privacy settings:

  • Click on the default browser through which you generally access AOL Mail.
  • Click On Tools and then open the Internet options in a new window.
  • Scroll the bar to select for the desired settings in the Privacy Tab.
  • Set the settings as default.
  • Click on Okay to continue.

These are a few ways by which you can resolve the AOL desktop gold not responding. If you come across any specific one and need its desired troubleshooting, then you must contact AOL Support Number and have a word with the experts.
If You Are a New User and if you have any problems in AOL Desktop Gold Download/install than call on AOL toll-free number +1-855-635-3036.

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